One or more items are missing from my order. What can I do?

Below please find enlisted some of the most common reasons:

. The order was split: check if your order has been split on the “My Order” page of your account. More that one item order may being coming from two different locations.

. We made a mistake: Rarely an item is shipped in the wrong package. If you received a different item that what you ordered, email us right away.

The parcel was damaged or some items were removed: your package may have been opened or damaged during its delivery. It is also possible that one or more items have fallen out. Check the condition of the page before signing for the package to make sure it wasn’t opened during shipping. If you package was opened, items missing etc, contact us right away for support –

My products have stopped working. What can I do?

If one or more of your products have stopped working within their warranty period, we will be glad to assist you in replacing the product.

Several types of products have a specific warranty period so it’s best to go back to our website and check on the product details for all warranty information. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact

If the warranty period has already expired and your product has stopped working, check with our Tech Barn sales team and maybe we can get you a coupon to order the item again at a discounted price.7

Can I return a product?

Tech Barn offers you the possibility of returning an item and to receive a partial refund within 14 days.

The refund will cover the amount you paid minus the shipping fees both ways. If you do not want to receive an order, you should cancel it within 24 hours after placing it.

We can send you a full refund if it has not been shipped yet. Please contact us before returning a product and we will give you more instructions on how to send it back to us.

Why is my order status shown as”Out of Stock”?

This situation occurs when there is a mismatch between our digital stock counter and the actual stock availability of a product. The stock level in our website is constantly updated, but on some rare occasions the number of units available does not match the actual stock of a product in our warehouses.

If you encounter this problem, contact us first and if the item is actually out of stock, we will issue you a full refund, or you can wait for the item to be restocked.

How do I cancel an order on

For canceling an order which has not been processed or shipped, please contact us as soon as possible.

If the expected shipping date of your order has already passed and it has not been shipped, you should check your “My Orders” page to see if it has been shipped yet. If it has been shipped we ask that you be patient before canceling the order.

If you cancel an order and it has been shipped. When it finally arrives to your home, we will need you to ship it back to us before we issue you a refund.

Orders whose parcels have already been processed can not be canceled. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for some reason within 14 days after receiving it, you cancel by contacting us.

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