Asus TUF Gaming Laptop, 15.6 inch Full HD IPS-Type, Intel Core i7-9750H, GeForce GTX 1650, 8GB DDR4, 512GB PCIe SSD, Gigabit Wi-Fi 5, Windows 10 Home, TUF505GT-AH73, Metallic

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Asus Gaming Laptop, 15.6 inch Full HD, Intel Core i7, GeForce GTX 1650, 8GB DDR4, 512GB SSD, Gigabit Wi-Fi 5, Windows 10 Home

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  1. 09

    by Artful Dodger

    I wrote a very thorough review here. I am unbbiased and was even an ASUS skeptic going in. Maybe I have some expectation bias, as my last computer was slow and 10 years old. I did one review after 2 days, an update after a month, and one more after 3 months. I wrote such an in depth review because I love this laptop so much, I want others to have it. I believe that =as of right now it is the best bang for your buck at the $1000 CAD range. I did a month of heavy research before buying. Be aware, I have the FX505DT variant. Ryzen 7 3750 cpu. GTX 1650 gpu. I almost got the ACER Nitro, and I am glad I chose this based on my experience and reviews of both the TUF and Nitro. Anyway, the review…—-Ok, so I’ve only had this thing a couple days, but so far it has preformed amazingly. If anything changes in the future I will update this review. I have the version with the GTX 1650 GPU and the Ryzen 7 quad core 3750 CPU. The laptop came with very little bloatware. Any bloatware installed was easily removed via add/remove programs. The drivers came mostly up to date, or very close to being up to date. The only game I have ran on here so far is Civilization VI, but it runs that perfectly smooth on maxed settings. It feels like I am playing on console. I know, it’s not the most resource intensive game in 2019, but still, I am impressed with how effortlessly this game runs. The MyASUS app for driver updates is garbage. I’d recommend manual driver upgrades from manufacturer sites, or use trustworthy software if you must.I am also getting torrent download speeds of up to 10 mbps, while my old computer maxed out at 3 mbps. I am not sure if this is related to the WiFi receiver or something else, but it’s nice not having my internet connection bottle necked any more.Everything else runs really smoothly, and very quickly. I honestly have not had a single issue with performance yet.Okay, cons… maybe the trackpad. The left and right buttons are not individual buttons, it is all one wide button. It also really picks up smudges. Also, when clicking on the touchpad itself the whole thing sort of clicks down and feels a bit cheap. I like my trackpad to feel solid when I tap on it. It is very large surface area though and is responsive. Honestly, this is a minor issue for me.Also, the speakers aren’t very loud. They sound good though, just quiet. The battery doesn’t last super long, but that’s ok for me. Also, it only comes with 8 gb of ram, but that is a cheap and easy upgrade. I still give this laptop an easy 5 stars. I have never been as happy with a computer purchase.——–EDIT: Alright, had the laptop a month and I am even more pleased with it than when I started. I purchased an 8 gb RAM upgrade for only 35 dollars, and the performance has gotten even better. CPU usage is lower too as a result. I have gotten used to the trackpad, and I like it actually. It’s pretty good. Still the only gripe is the lackluster speakers. ASUS advertises the speakers like their magnificent for some reason, but they aren’t. That’s fine as I have them hooked up to my Logitechs anyway, I was never planning on listening to music on laptop speakers. I’ve had no issues, no glitches, no crashes, no freezes, barely any hangups. Once I accidentally forgot to close Forza 4 and started playing Witcher 3. It started stuttering occasionally, but was still playable with both games open, my memory maxed right out. Going from Win 7 to 10 has been nice too. Loved Win 7, and didn’t like Win 10 at first, but I gotta say, Win 10 is stable and reliable as hell. Very smooth OS.——-EDIT 2: Ok, now it had been three months. I love this laptop. I have run lots of games on it now. Metro: Exodus, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, The Outer Worlds, Apex Legends, Witcher 3, Forza 4, Farcry 5, Farmin Sim 19… With no problems. Assassin’s creed is notoriously CPU heavy, and it pushed my Ryzen 7 to the max. The game ran fine with a locked frame rate though on medium or high settings. All in all, smooth frame rates, quick loading, no overheating. I upgraded the RAM to 16gb which was cheap and has reduced CPU strain and allowed for more multitasking capability. This can run any game out right now. Maybe not on max, but most games at least on high. CPU reaches it’s limit usually before the GPU does though, so this PC fairs better with GPU heavier games. Haven’t tried VR yet because I have no headset, so I can’t speak to that. Also I’m not snobby about framerates, I’m happy with 30 or more. This runs most games on high 50 or 60 fps, some 80ish, some over 100. I don’t hit 120 often, but also, I never dip below or even close to thirty during game play. They call it a beginner gaming laptop, but it can run any game I’ve thrown at it and gave me a great experience every time. If you are very particular about maxing settings demanding games, or require 120 fps or more for hardcore competitive gaming, or have to have little upcoming graphical tweaks like ray tracing and eyeball reflections, running multiple GPU intensive apps at once, get something with more than 4gb of video ram. Otherwise this will please most gamers, beginner or otherwise. The Ryzen 7 3750h and Nvidia gtx 1650 are a fantastic match, and seem to communicate beautifully.Another nice thing is the integrated AMD Vega graphics card. I thought it was unnecessary at first. It’s weak, but having two cards is nice. I let the AMD Vega handle minor things like desktop display and let the Nvidia handle applications. This should extend their lifespans. It’s also nice for dual display to let the VEGA handle one screen, instead of drawing off the GTX which can focus on one display instead.The SSD that came with is small, 500gb, but is very quick and reliable. I still plan to upgrade my HD space with another SSD, 2.5 inch SATA for around $100-150 as there is an empty slot.Another gripe, is only having 3 usb ports, none of them USB C, and all on the left side of the laptop. I ended up getting a USB Hub splitter dealie off Amazon that solved both these problems by reaching the other side and giving more slots. Still no USB C…Power cable is built sturdy. The laptop itself seems sturdy despite it’s plastic casing.Lots of reviews mention trouble changing the keyboard colour. But they addressed that in a recent update to the Armory software. Also, the Windows Store app “TUF Aura Core” allows you to tweak the LED colour anyway. Speaking of the keyboard, it’s solid! Feels nice, and the LED is cool.CPU heat… The laptop will get in the 80’s occasionally, but only on certain apps, and usually only when loading. During gameplay it seems to cool down, especially with the fans on Turbo mode. In any case, I haven’t had any performance issues, warning, or glitches or any other problems associated with heat. These later Ryzens run pretty hot anyway, and also, I think that temp is the 10 C offset reading, and is 10 C higher than actual. The casing itself only gets slightly warm to the touch. I heard other models having heat issues, but this one seems to be fine after 3 months of heavy gaming.Hope this review helped. Can’t say you will have the same experience as me, but this laptop, on my bed, right now… Is AMAZING for $1000, and just in general.

  2. 09

    by Mike

    This laptop was on sale for the back to school promotion and stood out to me as having great specs for the price. TLDR: it really is a great laptop for the money. Most “gaming” laptops in this price range had lower-end specs.One word of caution: the model FX505DD-AB71-CA states online that it has a 120Hz screen, but after being unable to activate this feature, Asus support confirmed it is only a 60Hz screen.Otherwise, the screen is actually pretty nice. It states IPS-type, which means it isn’t IPS, but it’s miles better than a TN. No complaints here. The viewing angles, contrast, etc. are all very good.Initial impressions of the unit’s speed are very favourable. It boots up quickly, programs open quickly and games load quickly as well. The processor and SSD combo seem to be more than sufficient. Don’t expect outstanding gaming capabilities, but the GTX 1050 delivers reasonably well for a laptop at this price point.Audio quality is not awesome, but can be improved a bit by messing with the built-in EQ.The build quality of the device has lived up to my expectations. It doesn’t feel cheep, and is generally quite sturdy. When gaming, the fans can spin up quite a bit, but that is to be expected. Under normal usage, you really don’t hear them. The battery is on the small side, so don’t expect marathon gaming sessions without plugging in.Finally, the Asus software is pretty good to deal with. I wish they did a better job of managing outdated drivers and firmware, but anyone with a bit of technical ability can deal with this. One nice setting in the My Asus program is to help with battery longevity by telling the system how you will be using it: always plugged in, or mostly not.

  3. 09

    by Amazon Customer

    The unit I purchased is TUF Gaming 2019 FX505 DU- Ryzen 7 3750, GTX 1660ti with 120hz MonitorWithin a week of usage, it is fair to say the monitor color is very good for the price. Along with the new 1660 ti, it maintains decent frame rates (~65 FPS) on Metro exodus even at 120hz. The cooling system keeps the computer at around ~75 degrees Celcius during the stress test with relatively low fan noise. The AMD CPU can be overclocked and does not bottleneck the GPU.My only concern is the Western Digital NVME SSD that contains the OS. It is not as fast as NVME drives from Samsung, Crucial and I am not sure about the longevity of the drive due to past experiences with less popular brand components. But for the price, it is easy to overlook these small issues.Overall, with the GPU performance compared to the GTX 1070, CPU rivaled most Intel i7s and the inclusion of a high refresh rate screen, the new Asus TUF Fx505DU transformed the definition of the entry-level gaming laptops.

  4. 09

    by denys pishchalov

    Bought at CAD 829. The laptop performs well enough in most of the games with high settings. I did not experience any problems with RAM, video or keyboard mentioned in other reviews probably because my drivers and BIOS were newer out of the box. I like the interior arrangement. Easy access to RAM and HDD for upgrade or replacement.Some minor cons: the black plastic body looks cheap but it was expected for this price though the plastic is quite thick. 8Gb RAM is often not enough but it can be easily rectified by spending extra CAD 40-50. The fans at high load are somewhat noisy.Overall looks like a very decent entry level gaming laptop for its price.

  5. 09

    by Lucas Botyanski

    Reviews for the Laptop (Will Update Periodically)First Week:So far I am really enjoying this laptop, it is mostly quiet, very light, and the battery lifespan is better then I expected. I can get about 4-6 hours of battery life depending on the situation. I haven’t played many games yet but it has been great as a work/school computer so far. The keyboard is also really awesome, although it doesn’t feel as nice as more expensive laptops. The screen resolution is really clear as well, and honestly, for the price, I feel like it was a great choice for myself.

  6. 09

    by Spencer Boisvenue

    This computer is extremely fast and awesome. However, due to the limited Nvidia Linux Support on newer graphics cards at the time of this writing, I highly recommend that those who are looking to create a Dual-Boot Linux WIndows System, USE UBUNTU 19.2. Definately the way to go! I tried Linux Mint and several others but had problems. All Graphic Card Related. Technically I am not using the proper Nvidia Drivers yet on Ubuntu either but have not tried to install since the graphics are already GREAT after initial install so I didnt mess with it. Yet.To install the Dual Boot, all I did was resize the 500GB SD in Windows Disk Managment, Create a Ubuntu Live USB in Unetbootin on Windows, disable secure boot in the bios + set live usb as first boot device, and load the live usb and let Ubuntu install Along Side WIndows! After that, can easily select between Linux or Windows in the Grub Boot Manager. Hope this helps someone.This Asus Computer itself is a dream to work with. I am only using the 8gb of ram it came with and have been blown away. Only issue was the Fan was reving up a lot but found some tutorials to gain control over the fan in both Windows + Linux. Game Play has been super amazing on this thing. I was able to crank up the graphics settings to max on my new golf game 🙂 Plays movies in HD without stuttering no problem.Anyway, Super Excellent computer for work and gaming at least for me. Both systems load in no time… Love that the keys light up 🙂

  7. 09

    by sciextor

    Great little laptop, can play most old titles 1080p 60fpsThe Ryzen chip is fast AFThe M. 2 is super fast in this notebookThe 1050 is not the best but it gets the job done.No problems with Minecraft, GTA 5, I even got games like Rust and 7 Days to Die to run on medium 1080p 60 fps because of that Ryzen 7 3750h chip

  8. 09

    by Marie Lepage

    Fluide sur les jeux, ne chauffe pas beaucoup, la configuration de cette ordinateur est très bonne pour les jeux de toutes les sortes, si vous êtes un gameur occasionnel ou avec un budget faible, je vous recommande fortement cette ordinateur !!! Le clavier est magnifique, on sent que cet ordinateur est conçu de façon solide !!

  9. 09

    by Joseph Mauro

    for nearly $999 this laptop hands down rivals my i7-6700 gtx960 desktop. Image quality is beautiful, keyboard is responsive and fast. The only downside i have for this laptop is the battery life with the battery saving features are OFF. i only get around 4-5 hours of internet surfing. otherwise when you’re gaming it NEEDS to be plugged in to even get frames over 30.

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