Upgraded Car Jump Starter, GOOLOO 800A Peak 18000mAh (Up to 7.0L Gas or 5.5L Diesel Engine) Portable Auto Battery Booster Power Pack Phone Charger with Quick Charge 3.0, Built-in LED Light, Jump Starters

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Car Jump Starter, Portable Battery Booster Power Pack, LED Light



Product Description

Why More Than 500,000 Customers Choose GOOLOO?

1. High Capacity — The battery capacity of GP37-Plus (18000mAh) is higher than other sellers on the markets.

2. Powerful — The GP37-Plus is a 800 Amp peak lithium-ion jump starter that delivers powerful starting power which can jump start 7.0L Gas or 5.5L Diesel Engine. It works on a variety of vehicles, including 12V vehicles, motorcycles, boats, ATVs and more.

3. Quick Charge to Save Your Time — The GP37-Plus Jump box Powerpack supports quick charge output. Compatible with qc 3.0, it can charge your cellphone, camera, kindle and other devices up to 75% faster than a conventional charger.

4. Long Standby Time — The battery can last in 3-6 months at the sleeping mode, but we suggest to recharge it every 2 months.

5. Upgraded Protection — The smart jumper cable has 8 intelligent safety functions to ensure the safety of users in various operating modes and to protect the product from damage.

6. 12V/10A Output — It can power your auto products like the tire inflator and car refrigerator, the cigarette lighter is not included.

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GOOLOOA professional auto parts supplier

GOOLOO is a well-known, experienced automobile parts brand with expertise in research & development, sales and after-sales service.

  1. What You Get
  2. 1 x GOOLOO Jump Starter GP37-Plus
  3. 1 x 12V Battery Clamp
  4. 1 x Wall Charger
  5. 1 x Car Charger
  6. 1 x USB Cable
  7. 1 x Storage Case

GOOLOO SuperSafe Lithium Jump Starter GP37-Plus

Multiple Certification

This product confroms to UL.STD.2743 (NRTL), it also passed international authoritative organization certification, such as FCC, CE, UN38.3, MSDS, etc.It can be easily placed in the glovebox and luggage. You are free to go anywhere without calling any help from a trailer or other drivers.

  1. Super Safe–Equipped with 8 protections for safer use.
  2. Powerful jump starter with 800A peak current for 12V car battery.
  3. 18,000mAh Power Bank with Quick Charge – Equipped with QC3.0, this battery jump starter can fully charge your cellphones, tablets, and other devices at lightning speed.
  4. LED Flashlight: It is built-in LED flashlight with SOS and Strobe functions for emergencies.
  5. Compact to store in glove box.
  6. Easy to Use.

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jump starter

led light

Portable Charger

Quick Charge 3.0 Technology: Ensures the fastest charging efficiency, 75% faster charging speed than normal charger.

LED Indicator

The LED power indicator tells you its remaining power, prompting when your jump starter needs charging.

LED Flashlight

A built-in three mode LED light (normal, strobe and SOS) enhances driver safety. Long press the power button to turn on the flashlight, press again for warning, and press once again for SOS.

Intelligent Clamp

The clamps have built in protection against short circuit, high temperature, surge voltage, over charge ,over discharge, over current.

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How to recharge ?

A 12V DC charger to re-charge GOOLOO GP37-Plus on the go in the vehicle, and a wall charger to re-charge it at home.


  1. To avoid injury and/or damage to your vehicle, do not connect the red and black clamps together.
  2. Remove battery within 30 seconds of starting your car.
  3. Keep out of reach of children.
  4. The non- professional do not dismantle products.
  5. Don’t use the product at a high temperature or place it for a long time under a high temperature environment .
  6. Prohibit the use of non-original charger to charge the product.
  7. Use the original battery clamp with smart-protection to jump start the car.
  8. The maximum number of jump start a car is 4 times in two minutes.
  9. If products can’t charged properly or the emergencies happen when you using products to start the car, please discontinue use immediately and find us to help you.

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10 Reviews For This Product

  1. 10

    by David

    Wow, I am very impressed. Comes with all the contents in the pouch and feels really good. Started a really dead car right away. Very impressed.You have to press the tiny little BOOST button on the cable connector, if the battery is dead. I wonder how many people didn’t read the instructions and didn’t know.UPDATE:I am a manager of a medium Used car lot with about 60 used cars, and I use this thing all the time, on anything from 1.5l Civics to 5.0 liter v8s. Press the little boost button and let it be for 30 seconds if the battery is really dead, or just jump start as normal – NEVER failed.Survived back of my car for the whole Canadian winter in -10C, even as low as -30cRecommended to 2 employees already. Love this thing, highly recommend

  2. 10

    by Yury Sabinin

    Got to use it today. 2007 Volvo XC90 V8 (4.4L V8 engine), totally dead battery (no lights or door locks working). First time I tried, did not work because I chose a poor spot to connect the black wire (on XC90, the battery terminals themselves are not easily accessible), but on the second try. when I moved the black cable, the car started right up.Nice, compact package, convenient case. If you think that your engine is too big for the cheap units, get this one and live happily ever after.[Update:] Boosted the same V8 three more times, without recharging – still at four lights (now I chickened out and charged it again – could have probably kept going for quite a few more boosts). My friend now wants the same unit, although his engine is smaller – because of its obvious reliability.

  3. 10

    by KS

    These saved me a lot when my batteries died after 5 years in the dead of winter. They come in a small sexy package and can be carried anywhere, lots of charging options, from cig port, usb port, wall outlet etc. Can also charge laptops, phones, and has a light.This even comes with a night little leatherette box to keep everything in. Very impressed with this product, feels very honest and down to Earth packaging. Didn’t overcharge like the Noco stuff which are good but definitely lots of hype pricing involved.These do the job, five stars.

  4. 10

    by Amazon Customer

    I ordered it when my car battery drained completely as it was in parking garage unused for more than 4-5 days and weather being harsh at -19 C or less. Recieved next day with Amazon prime, charged overnight, plugged in and followed the instructions ( had to press boost as green light was blinking with beeping sound) and boom car started immediately without any hiccups and starter battery still at 100%. Accidentally, switched off car before car battery recovered fully and had to use starter kit again same day within few minutes and again it started car immediately without issues and starter battery still at 100%. hopefully don’t have to use it again but it worked gr8 for me.will recommend to friends.

  5. 10

    by Meanestone

    I use this booster everyday as a tow truck operator , so far in everyday use it has surprised me with its versatility.I have even used it as a power source to move a one ton with no alternator a whole kilometer .For the price this unit belongs in your glove box , one use could pay for the unit in cash and convenience.I like it so much I have ordered a second one.

  6. 10

    by Michael Conway

    I was a little skeptical of these jump starters. After using a bulky one to start a car I ordered this. Day after it arrived I had a chance to use it on a truck with a completely dead battery. Heavy gauge booster cables were barely able to get it to turn over. This starter was able to get the truck to start first try. Only thing I would change is having a charging port that used a phone charger as it would be more convenient but as it comes with two chargers – a wall and car charger I’m not docking a star. This will be extremely useful.

  7. 10

    by shamski77

    Have used this for a few months and needed it a few times (right away as it turned out) for my older vehicle.Very easy to use when boosting and had no issues boosting my Ford Explorer multiple times a charge — in fact I think I had to boost 4 times in one day due to an electrical/battery issue and it drained 1 dot out of the 5 that shows charge level.Nice feature set in that it has a light and can be used to charge devices if required.Carry case is a nice feature as well as I charge it up every few months and leave it in its case in my vehicle.The charge dissipates slowly as I had not used in 2+ months and the charge was still full.No issues at all but will update if encounter any.View it as one of my better deals this year.

  8. 10

    by Randy Fyfe

    Last night it got super cold overnight (-15C last night, and dipped to -30C overnight). My car was happy to run just fine in -15C weather, but this morning it barely could run the blower for the cabin ac/heat, and I just got clicks when I tired to start my honda civic (1.8L).Put the clips on the battery, plugged the clips to the unit, saw green, pressed boost, and my car started great.I would NOT leave the battery unit in my car during winter as it gets down to -30C pretty often. I keep it in my backpack that I take with me out of the house. Keeping the clips and other accessories is probably fine.EDIT: This has been super handy. It’s been getting to -30C regularly for the last few weeks, and I am not able to plug my car’s block heater in while parked on the street. Each morning my Civic struggled to start, I’ve just hooked this up and been on my way. It’s boosted me a good dozen times on a single charge and still shows 3 out of 5 lights for power (60%+)

  9. 10

    by Bolder

    I was reluctant that these would work, but as luck would have it my SUV battery died and i needed a jump. as soon as i connected it and turned the key it started right up, and i was able to do at least 10 more of those jumps on a single charge. Everyone should have one of these in their car, especially if you are out in the dead of winter. the LED flashlight is a nice touch, as well as the carrying case, everything you need in one place.

  10. 10

    by Dick Dale

    This is by far, the best purchase I’ve ever made. I used my brothers massive 40 pound car battery to jump start my car originally and while I was looking for one of my own I stumbled on this gem and boy, I was not disappointed.I’ve used the gooloo to jump a Honda CR-V in -40 multiple times this winter. It’s actually saved me from purchasing a new battery because it’s so user friendly that it takes me less than 2 minutes to jump start if the battery dies. You can even charge your phone, computer and pretty much anything you could imagine.Everyone should have one of these.

Upgraded Car Jump Starter, GOOLOO 800A Peak 18000mAh (Up to 7.0L Gas or 5.5L Diesel Engine) Portable Auto Battery Booster Power Pack Phone Charger with Quick Charge 3.0, Built-in LED Light, Jump Starters

$119.95$564.99 (-79%)

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