USB C Cable, 5-Pack, 3A Fast Charge Various Lengths Durable Nylon Braided USB A to USB C Charging Cable Compatible with Samsung Galaxy S10/S9/S9+/S8/S8+/Note 8, LG G5/G6/V20, HTC, Moto, Sony and Other USB C Devices (Blue)

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USB Cable 5-Pack 3A Fast Charge Nylon Braided Samsung Galaxy Android


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3Package Includes:

2*3FT USB type c cable

2*6FT USB type c cable

1*10FT USB type c cable

Besiva 5 Pack (3ft+6ft+10ft) Nylon Braided USB Type C Cable

We offer 12-month refund and product replacement service.

Fully Compatible Devices:

– Galaxy S8/S8+/S9/S9+/S10

– HTC 10/Sony XZ /Xiaomi 5

This cable does not support high-speed charging for the following devices:

– Huawei Mate 9 / P10

– Samsung Galaxy Note 10/ Note 10+

– Google Pixel 4 / Pixel 4 XL / Pixel 3 / Pixel 3XL / Pixel 3A

– Nintendo Switch/ iPad Pro 2018

  1. Sturdy and Durable
  2. Reliable &Flexible Nylon Braided Cable
  3. A reliable USB cable for everyday use
  4. Extensive Compatibility

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4 5 6

3 Feet Cable for Near Charging

6 Feet Cable for Outdoor Charging

10 Feet for Long Distance Charging

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This Type C cable is USB-A to USB-C, NOT USB-C to USB-C. If your device’s original cable is a USB-C to USB-C cable, then only a USB-C to USB-C cable can charge your device as fast as possible.

It will not fit those phones with Micro USB Port and Lightning Port.

This USB C Cord can charge universal USB C devices normally but only when both your device and charging plug support fast charging function, can our cables charge at high speed.

Fast Charging Tips:

Below is the list of phones that can be charged at max 3A output current instead of full speed:

HUAWEI: Requires 4.5V/5A output

Samsung Galaxy S20 /S20+ /S20 Ultra / Note 10: Requires a QC / AFC protocol charger with a 18W USB A port(The original charger is a PD fast charging with a 25 W USB C Port)

Google Pixel: Only supports the private fast charge protocol of Google

Nintendo Switch: Only supports PD fast charge protocol

One Plus: Only supports DASH fast charge protocol

Ipad pro 2018: Requires a USB C to C cable to fast charge

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One-handed Operation Car Phone Mount USB C to 3.5mm Aux Cable Quick Charge 3.0, USB Wall Charger 3-Pack USB Wall Charger 3-Pack USB Wall Charger
Features Slip Free, Stable, Soft, Washable & Reusable High Toughness, Durable & Flexible, Tangle-Free Quick Charge 3.0 2-Port 5V/2.1A Portable USB Adapter 2-Port 5V/2.1A Portable USB Adapter
Application at Home, in Office, in the Car Car Stereo, Home Stereo, Speaker at Home, in Office at Home, in Office at Home, in Office
Specification 5 x 5 x 1.8 inches 3 ft 12.6 x 11.2 x 3.6 cm 12.4 x 11.2 x 3.6 cm 12.4 x 11.2 x 3.6 cm

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Blue, White, Rose Gold

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9 Reviews For This Product

  1. 09

    by Daniel Tieman

    A USB cable is a USB cable is a USB cable; we all know that it really doesn’t matter what you have, any cable will get the job done; if you want to dominate the market, stand out above the others, you have to be better, period. These cables stand out. They are premium cables at an economical price point. The build quality stands out, metal connectors which are both tough, durable yet light. The sheath is a strong flexible plasti-fabric that is light and protective. I really appreciate the Velcro cable tie as it’s a nice convenient touch. For the cost, build quality, and what this delivers, it is definitely a recommended buy.

  2. 09

    by Jake B

    First off way better quality than I was honestly expecting. These cables have a decent weight to them! I had some cheap ones previous that were like holding a feather. You can tell these ones are made with quality in mind and having all different sizes is another plus.

  3. 09

    by DrAgOn

    I gave this review a three star for charging power because the 10-foot cable significantly reduces the charging capabilities of fast charging with the 3 ft cable I was running about 21 minutes to fully charge my phone and when I plugged in the 10-foot cable and brought it up to 41 minutes not a big deal but when you’re in a hurry the 3-foot cable is what you need it’s just not long enough for what I needed it for so I’ll be using the six with cable instead which reduced it to about 31 minutes… I will definitely be ordering more of these in the future and like I said the only reason I gave it a 3-star for charging power is because of the 10-foot cable I knew that the longer cable would reduce the fast charging capabilities I just didn’t think it would be that much but all in all I’m pretty satisfied thank you

  4. 09

    by Kenneth Yu

    Over the years I’ve purchased a lot of USB charging cables and have been burnt many times.Choosing charging cables can be a balance act:- Cable electrical resistance: lower gauge-rating cables leads to higher electrical resistance and slower charging speed.- Cable length: Best charging speed is achieved by stubby short cables, but inconvenient. Longer cable = higher resistance- Durability: OEM cables tend to harden and crack over time, cheap cables too- Price: USB cables are expensive if it’s OEM, cheaper ones don’t hold up in terms of performance.Based on these factors, I believe BESIVA offers a pretty good package, and the value is unbeatable. It’s even a better value if you have a particular charger that can charge at voltage higher than 5V.- Cable electrical resistance, here are the numbers I measured comparing to the OEM cableA. P30 Pro + OEM charger + OEM 3FT Cable = 1.74A @ 4.80VB. P30 Pro + OEM charger + BESIVA 3FT Cable = 1.27A @ 4.87VC. P30 Pro + OEM charger + BESIVA 3FT Cable = 0.89A @ 4.92VD. P30 Pro + OEM charger + BESIVA 3FT Cable = 0.67A @ 4.96VAt 3FT length, the charging amperage is definitely not as fast as the OEM, but a respectable 1.27A (compare to sub 1.0A for a lot of the cheap cables). You can see that the longer cables will have a higher resistance, leading to slower current. This is to be expected, since the cable is of the same material. 6 FT and 10FT offers enough charging current while giving you the flexibility to sit comfortably at the couch.Update: When I use a generic Qualcomm Quick charger to test the cable, they are actually on par with OEM cables due to the fact that the charger is able to up the voltage to push more current through. So the lower amperage for BESIVA cables vs OEM is really limited to chargers that choses not to charge at 7 or 9V (i.e. P30 Pro OEM charger)Here are the measurements:A. P30 Pro + Generic Qualcom Quick Charger = OEM 3FT = 1.40V @ 8.72VB. P30 Pro + Generic Qualcom Quick Charger = BESIVA 3FT = 1.34V @ 8.69VC. P30 Pro + Generic Qualcom Quick Charger + BESIVA 6FT = 1.18A @ 8.73VD. P30 Pro + Generic Qualcom Quick Charger + BESIVA 10FT= 1.11A @ 8.72VDurability is top-notch with the weave sheath, which isn’t prone to cracking that exposes the inner wiring. The fit is snug on the phone and USB port.Finally, these cables are sold at a bargain. Here are the prices that I gather on eBay if you are willing to wait 1 month for the cables to arrive.2 x 3FT = $3CAD2 x 6FT = $6CAD1 x 10FT = $6CADTotal: 15CADSo you can see here what a great bargain this package is. Not only you are getting these for cheap, you are also getting them with the benefit of the Amazon Prime shipping, warranty, and service.

  5. 09

    by Aijaz

    We at home have a lots of USB-C devices and I was looking for cables that don’t break apart cause I had a lits of issues with some of the cables.Finally found the cables set that is very sturdy and good looking at the same time. I am so happy to make the decision to buy these cables and certainly recommend to others.

  6. 09

    by Stephanie

    This was the second time i purchased cables from this seller. Last time for Apple’s products. This time for my Android devices. Both worked very well. Different lengths for different locations to use. And I bought different colors. Then my Apple’s cables won’t be mixed up with my Android’s cables any more.

  7. 09

    by Aqsa Waqas

    so i ordered these and i noticed that these are pretty good for the price. quite durable and he material used is also very fine. i have no problem using them. i actually quite like them. if you’re looking to buy these..forsure go ahead!!.. and im a uni student so i used to buy cheap ones usually and they’d break after a weeks or so. But these ones are pretty strong and does the work just well. Worth my money!! So happy and satisfied with my purchase.

  8. 09

    by Sponge Alligator

    This cable will probably outlive all of my devices. It feels strong and durable. I did a bend test to see how it would hold up, no issues, works perfectly. Every device I’ve plugged into recognized the cable immediately. Charge speed depends on what adapter it’s plugged into. I found it charged pretty similar to my original cord.I like having different sizes, like the long one next to my bed so I can easily keep charging my phone while using it. I keep a spare in my purse, left one at my BF’s place and one at work.

  9. 09

    by Dreamer

    *I will update this review if these cables fail in the future.*I don’t expect much from the cables that I order other than they do what they say they will.The quality of these overall seems to be good and the connectors feel great giving a nice secure connection when plugged in and it is a good value. They do support fast charging, transfer at the speeds listed (480mbs, assuming you have the correct ports) and do say they are fire-proof but I am not going to be the one to test that.Based on that, I’m hoping these stick it out for the long haul. I’ll be using these for commuting, travel and at home. One thing I am wary about is the lack of warranty information but they do provide contact information in case anything does happen. If I have to use it, I will be sure to reflect that here.

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